Virtual Training Tools

The current situation shows how important digital teaching and learning formats currently are and – even more so – will be in the future at universities, but also in training and learning situations in the theatre and event sector. In cooperation with teachers and students of the study programme Theatre and Event Technology and Management at Berliner Hochschule für Technik we are developing new teaching and learning tools in Virtual Reality.

Using a practical and project-oriented approach, we develop and test concrete scenarios, e.g. for the construction of a chain hoist, safety signs in event rooms, rehearsal stage setups and logistics exercises. The result is a series of digital training units which will be incorporated into daily training in the future and will establish new ways of learning. The cooperation will be carried out in conjunction with the Erasmus+ project ETTE – the European Theatre Technicians Education Project.




Virtual Chain Hoist

digital.DTHG staff member Vincent Kaufmann has converted the theatre laboratory of the Theatre and Event Technology course at Beuth University of Applied Sciences Berlin into the digital realm and created a true-to-scale 3D model of the training room.

Rehearsal stage construction

The virtual learning space “rehearsal stage construction” aims to reduce the construction time of rehearsal stages by shifting the planning and organisation of construction processes into the virtual space with the help of VR glasses.

Safety Signage

The virtual learning space “Safety Signage” aims to learn the function and message of safety signs practically and playfully in the virtual space.


Connect – understand media technology

“Connect” is a virtual learning space where you can familiarise yourself with modern media technology in the event sector and expand your knowledge.

Hazard Detector

The virtual learning room “Hazard Detector” aims to test theoretical knowledge in a realistic working environment.


The “Klangraum / Soundspace” is a virtual learning space for the field of sound design. The aim is to be able to listen to and compare different miking of instruments.



Bending beam

The virtual learning space “Bending beam” makes it possible to experience the theoretical, often abstract teaching content of technical mechanics using objects typical of the theater and event world.

Cybertheater 2077

The aim of the educational game “Cybertheater 2077: a small click for one person, but a big leap for mankind” is to provide a comprehensive insight into the technical professions, working methods and areas of responsibility of a theater.

Let There Be Light

The VR project “Let There Be Light – Learn how to work with light and color” teaches basic concepts and functions of lighting technology.

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Quickly recommended: Which software for 3D planning and working in VR?

Digitization is making its way into almost every field and, with virtual reality, is developing a thoroughly useful tool for planning, organizing and meetings. The listed programs are starting points for spatial design work in VR and allow an easy entry into the virtual world.

Quickly recommended: Further education, study, training in the field of VR / AR / XR for theater.

Learning by doing or in-depth training? Bachelor’s, master’s or continuing education? How can the digital transformation be driven forward in the theater?

Prototypes for virtual learning spaces

From April to July 2021, we were able to conduct a second cooperation with the Berliner Hochschule für Technik (BHT): together with the students of the master’s program Theater and Event Technology, we again designed and prototyped three different virtual teaching and learning spaces in a seminar – this time led by Lea Schorling.

Virtual learning spaces for theater and event technology

Students from Beuth University of Applied Sciences Berlin and the digital.DTHG team are jointly developing the first VR prototypes.

Video BTT_digital Session: Virtual training tools

Live from the digital.DTHG lab at the Bühnentechnische Tagung the two project managers* Franziska Ritter and Pablo Dornhege presented interim results of the subproject “Virtual Teaching and Learning Rooms”.

digital.DTHG at Bühnentechnischer Tagung

At the BTT – the Stage Technology Conference, the most important trade fair and further training event for the theatre and event technology sector of the Deutsche Theatertechnische Gesellschaft (DTHG), we will be giving on 28. & 29. October digital a first insight into our projects.

Kick-off workshop and prototype development

An interdisciplinary kick-off workshop entitled “IM/MATERIAL THEATRE SPACES” took place in spring 2019 at the TU Berlin under the direction of Franziska Ritter and Pablo Dornhege.


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Augmented Reality in Event Technology

The central question in this subproject is to what extent Augmented Reality can be used to improve, facilitate, expand daily work and lead to an increase in safety on stage.

Bringing Theatre Heritage to Life

This sub-project is dedicated to the challenge of making theatre heritage visible and finding new virtual forms of mediation that do justice to »theatre« as an immaterial art form in its entirety.

Virtual Training Tools

interactive teaching and learning tools for theatre and event technicians