Cybertheater 2077

The aim of the educational game “Cybertheater 2077: a small click for one person, but a big leap for mankind” is to provide a comprehensive insight into the technical professions, working methods and areas of responsibility of a theater.

The pre-study internship for the Theater and Event Technology and Management program at the Beuth University of Applied Sciences serves as an analogy, in which students work through several technical departments of a theater. Level by level, the students work their way through the departmental organization chart of a large multi-part theater. Starting with logistics, stage technology, lighting and sound technology, through the workshops to the construction department, the player reaches the technical directorate of the Cybertheater 2077 in the finale. In each department, job-specific tasks are set, and the degree of challenge increases with each level. In a humorous way, the players are encouraged to dive further into the virtual and, above all, real theater world – and practical theater knowledge is imparted along the way.

Target groups are in particular prospective students, advanced students, alumni but also professionals. A game for the whole theater family.

Students: Jan Steffens and Felix Ridder

The prototype was created in the summer semester of 2021 under the direction of Lea Schorling at the Theater and Event Technology program of the Beuth University of Applied Sciences Berlin in cooperation with digital.DTHG in the research project “Im/material Theatre Spaces”.


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