Augmented Reality in Event Technology

The central question in this subproject is to what extent Augmented Reality can be used to improve, facilitate, expand daily work and lead to an increase in safety on stage. On the one hand, this involves the recognition and augmentation of objects or products in order to carry out a (more) precise determination of the origin, compatibility, inspection history and life cycle of a machine or object. On the other hand, AR can support the use of safety-relevant work, e.g. for risk assessment, functional safety checks, remote diagnosis and remote maintenance. Augmented Reality can also be used as a construction aid for the assembly and dismantling of complex technical stage decorations.

Sample solutions are developed in which technical product properties and safety-relevant application scenarios can be tested and documented by expert stage technicians. In this context, AR offers extensive assistance in order to be able to make a professional and proper assessment. The safe use of event technology products, e.g. in the construction of complex stage decorations, also in guest performance, tour and repertoire operation by changing technical teams, should thus be made considerably easier. For manufacturers, these solutions offer more effective possibilities of technical support, in questions of warranty, insurance and liability cases.

In two workshops at the Akademie für Theater und Digitalität Dortmund, around 20 representatives of manufacturers participated: among others Gerriets GmbH, CAST, Vectorworks, Fülling & Partner, HOAC, RIEDEL Communications, Schokopro; and users: Friedrichstadt-Palast, State Theatre Stuttgart, Theatre Dortmund. Together, possible application scenarios were developed and their fields of application were discussed.

In cooperation with the company Gerriets, one of the leading specialists for stage and event equipment, we have developed a prototypical sample solution for an assembly instruction of the TRUMPF 95 curtain rail in close practical collaboration.


News about the project


WebXR Tutorial – a prototype for digital assembly instructions

We present the prototypical sample solution for the TRUMPF 95 assembly instructions in detail.


Reality Check WebXR Tutorial at the Deutsches Theater Berlin

In a field test, we tested a WebXR prototype for setting up the Gerriets TRUMPF 95 curtain track with the technical team of the Deutsches Theater Berlin at the end of April 2021.


Video BTT_digital Session: “Augmented Reality in Event Technology”

The project “Augmented Reality in Event Technology” was presented online by the two project managers Franziska Ritter and Pablo Dornhege at BTT_digital from the digital.DTHG lab.


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