Video BTT_digital Session: “Augmented Reality in Event Technology”

The project “Augmented Reality in Event Technology” was presented online by the two project managers Franziska Ritter and Pablo Dornhege at BTT_digital from the digital.DTHG lab.

At the BTT 2020 Bühnentechnische Tagung, the most important trade fair and further education event of the theater and event technology branch of the Deutsche Theatertechnische Gesellschaft (DTHG), we gave a first insight into our projects online on October 28 & 29, 2020.


English subtitles are provided for this video.



This subproject is dedicated to the task of facilitating the work of event technicians on stage with the help of Augmented Reality. Different scenarios are examined in the digital.DTHG team. On the one hand, the recognition and augmentation of objects or products can help to precisely determine the origin, compatibility, test history and life cycle of a machine or object. On the other hand, the use of AR can support safety-relevant work such as risk assessment, functional safety checks or remote diagnosis and maintenance. Augmented Reality can also be used as a construction aid for the assembly and dismantling of complex technical stage decorations. Prototypical sample solutions are developed, in which technical product properties and safety-relevant application scenarios can be tested and documented by expert stage technicians. Using the example of the Trumph 95 curtain rail of the Gerriets company, we demonstrate first prototypical applications in this session and discuss potentials and challenges with cooperation partners.


More about the project:

Augmented Reality in Event Technology