In various subprojects, application scenarios of new technologies such as Augmented and Virtual Reality in theatres and event locations are being designed and tested.  Initially, the focus will be on three specific areas of theatre: architecture, stage design and theatre technology. Based on these disciplines, we investigate different forms of application of Augmented and Virtual Reality: thus, both technologies open up new ways for human experience, they create innovative approaches and new levels of mediation (e.g. for theatre heritage) and they can serve as tools for the planning and execution of processes.

The resulting solutions should serve as sustainable transferable concepts due to their prototypical model character. These will be made available to the entire theatre, cultural and entertainment landscape so that they can be adapted to the respective needs.





Bringing Theatre Heritage to Life

This sub-project is dedicated to the challenge of making theatre heritage visible and finding new virtual forms of mediation that do justice to »theatre« as an immaterial art form in its entirety.

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Augmented Reality in Event Technology

The central question in this subproject is to what extent Augmented Reality can be used to improve, facilitate, expand daily work and lead to an increase in safety on stage.

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CANON Theatre Technical History

The aim of this joint project with nine European university partners is to promote awareness and understanding of a European history of theatre technology. The project contributes to the current discourse on the preservation of the cultural heritage of transnational and international theatre technology and engineering.  

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Virtual Training Tools

interactive teaching and learning tools for theatre and event technicians

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