Virtual Chain Hoist

digital.DTHG staff member Vincent Kaufmann has converted the theatre laboratory of the Theatre and Event Technology course at Beuth University of Applied Sciences Berlin into the digital realm and created a true-to-scale 3D model of the training room.

There, for example, the exercise “Virtual Chain Hoist” can take place: On the one hand, there is the possibility to get to know the components, the structure and the functioning of D8 / D8+ / C1 chain hoists in an explorative mode, on the other hand, a task prepared by the lecturer from an event context can be solved with the correct choice of chain hoist and assembly of related components. The SIMLAB Composer software was used for this prototype creation – in preparation for the seminar with the students.


More Prototypes:


Rehearsal stage construction

The virtual learning space “rehearsal stage construction” aims to reduce the construction time of rehearsal stages by shifting the planning and organisation of construction processes into the virtual space with the help of VR glasses.

Safety Signage

The virtual learning space “Safety Signage” aims to learn the function and message of safety signs practically and playfully in the virtual space.

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