Connect – understand media technology

“Connect” is a virtual learning space where you can familiarise yourself with modern media technology in the event sector and expand your knowledge. The framework for this is an exhibition stand on which typical audio and video media technology is installed, which can be explored and used by VR users. For example, wireless microphones, speaker’s desk microphones and feeders can be transmitted to various locations and video images from various laptops and cameras can be distributed to LED walls, displays or an internet stream. As a VR user, you can take a look at this set-up and search for all the necessary cables, devices, adapters and converters at the podium, in the backstage area, at the FoH and so on. For better orientation and for discussions, you will find a clear cabling plan on the wall. The room can be explored alone or together. To consolidate the knowledge gained, there are various games and tasks that have to be solved within a certain time: e.g. marking different devices, cables, signal paths or even a faulty sound check situation in which visibly and audibly not everything is working. In this way, what has been learned can be put to the test in a playful way.

Students: Sebastian Finsterer, Marius Mirschberger, Gilbert Adamek

The prototype was created in the winter semester 2020/21 at the Theatre and Event Technology course at Beuth University of Applied Sciences Berlin in cooperation with digital.DTHG under the direction of Pablo Dornhege and Franziska Ritter.

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The “Klangraum / Soundspace” is a virtual learning space for the field of sound design. The aim is to be able to listen to and compare different miking of instruments.

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