Hazard Detector

The virtual learning room “Hazard Detector” aims to test theoretical knowledge in a realistic working environment. The VR training room is an traid fare hall with a traverse rig suspended at working height. Before the rig is pulled to its final position by the chain hoists, the users are to carry out a final safety check and identify possible sources of danger. Both evident faults that even an untrained eye would notice – such as a hammer forgotten on the spreader bar – and those that require a precise knowledge of the rules and regulations of the event world – such as a missing sling label – are to be found.

Some mistakes are hard to miss, while others require close attention and patience. Added to this are stress factors such as the recurring sounds of hammering in truss pins and the noisy work of the surrounding trade fair construction. Varied, this learning space gives the opportunity to identify different hazards. Quite incidentally, the multifaceted everyday work of an event technician is made tangible.

Students: Johannes Muck and Erik Bayer

The prototype was created in the winter semester 2020/21 at the Theatre and Event Technology course at Beuth University of Applied Sciences Berlin in cooperation with digital.DTHG under the direction of Pablo Dornhege and Franziska Ritter.


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