Let There Be Light

The VR project “Let There Be Light – Learn how to work with light and color” teaches basic concepts and functions of lighting technology.

In this learning environment, the VR user has the opportunity to complete a series of exercises such as lighting a stage, tracking an object, or additive mixing of light colors.

The Virtual Learning Room is divided into two areas: First, in the “theory room”, there is the opportunity to learn about the structure and components of a profiled spotlight and the physical principles of additive color mixing. In the subsequent “practice room”, a guide leads through (currently three) task areas, which can then be tried out by the participants themselves. After the tasks have been successfully completed, they are evaluated and examination situations are also conceivable here.

The target group of this learning room are students and trainees in the event sector, but also interested parties who want to gain basic knowledge and can thus have their first points of contact with lighting technology topics in event technology. Through “learning by doing” and trial and error, even people unfamiliar with the subject can quickly achieve success in the tasks and thus expand their knowledge in the field of lighting technology. Learning should be possible both alone from home, as well as in learning groups or in lectures. Through this VR project, the most important areas of lighting technology can be explored detached from setups in studios or rehearsal stages and without prior knowledge. Both the types of lamps and the tasks can be supplemented and adapted to the respective target group in the lectures or learning group.

Students:  Lukas Berger and Jan Graev

The prototype was created in the summer semester of 2021 under the direction of Lea Schorling at the Theater and Event Technology program of the Beuth University of Applied Sciences Berlin in cooperation with digital.DTHG in the research project “Im/material Theatre Spaces”.

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