THINK Hybrid Spaces – Experimental Dinner between Real and Digital on 21.10.21

On October 21, 2021, our project leaders Franziska Ritter and Pablo Dornhege discussed about HYBRID SPACES at the intersection between games and theater and cooked simultaneously at THINK Hybrid Spaces at the DE:HIVE Research Center for Games at HTW Berlin.

While on-screen and on-site a recipe is developed and prepared together from ingredients brought along, we discuss the potential of hybrid-real spaces for theater.  The potluck dinner serves as a playful framework – a meeting with friends to which ingredients are brought and a dish is cooked spontaneously. Can we cook together in a hybrid-spatial arrangement of game engine, green screen studio, streaming and live event, share ingredients digitally and agree on recipes and preparation?

We invite you to try out just that with us! From different locations, you can become co-actors in different roles, interact and co-determine – and develop new ideas for hybrid-real theater spaces in the process. Bon appétit!

THINK Hybrid Spaces was developed in the project cross:play funded by the European Regional Development Fund, Innovative Potential Culture and the Senate Department for Culture and Europe.