Quickly recommended: art and exhibitions in VR

The view beyond the horizon offers different impressions of VR applications outside the theatre context. As an art installation or museum artifact, VR is ideally suited to open up new aesthetic, narrative and didactic spaces.
 This list serves as a reference point and orientation. There is no claim to completeness.



»In the eyes of an animal« by Marshmallow Laser Feast

»In the eyes of an animal« is a VR experience that shows the perception of a forest from the perspective of three animal species. This immersive journey can be experienced as a 360° film and provides a very aesthetic and sensual interpretation of animal perception. The atmosphere is enriched by a binaural soundscape.





»VR all in this together« by Bianca Kennedy

In the 360° animation »VR all in this together«, Bianca Kennedy presents a bathing experience using animated drawings. The bathtub becomes a place that you share with other people, although you are usually alone and undisturbed. The VR Experience breaks through boundaries of personal and everyday life in this immersive situation.




»Animalia Sum« by Felix Kraus / The Swan Collective / Bianca Kennedy

»Animalia Sum« is a VR animated film that speculates about a future in which insects will become the main source of food for mankind. A very atmospheric story about the future of evolution is told on the basis of analogously modeled miniatures that were volumetrically recorded with photogrammetry.




»HanaHana« by Mélodie Mousset

In the experience »HanaHana«, visitors are able to compose hands in different sizes and colors, creating an interactive and collaborative work of art. In her work, Mélodie Mousset addresses questions about embodiment, empowerment and technology as a whole.



»When objects dream« by Studenten der École Cantonale d’Art de Lausanne

Interaction Design students at the Swiss University ÉCAL have created an installation in which dreams and personalities of objects can be experienced using VR. VR headsets are implemented in everyday objects, such as a broom, books or tables, so that visitors are instructed to literally take a look inside these objects.



»Draw me close« by Jordan Tannehill

The »Draw Me Close« experience brings together the worlds of live performance, virtual reality and animation to create a compelling story about the relationship between a mother and her son. The story revolves around the diagnosis of cancer and is told using modern technology and live action.



Museen und Galerien in VR


Acute Art  –  https://acuteart.com

Acute Art serves as a platform to bring together different artists* and to try out new forms of artistic expression with VR / AR and MR. Artists who have participated so far include Marina Abramović, Olafur Eliasson, Anish Kapoor and Jeff Koons.

Museum Of Other Realities 

The Museum of Other Realities is a venue for art in VR, which makes it possible to experience exhibitions with several people at the same time. Through this virtual museum, artists are supported in taking up and deepening their work with this medium and making it accessible to an audience.

The Kremer Collection 

The Kremer Museum offers space to show 74 Dutch and Flemish paintings of old masters using VR technology. To create the museum, each painting was photographed between 2,500 and 3,500 times, using photogrammetry to create a high-resolution visual model for each painting.

Galerie Roehrs & Boetsch  – 

With the CUBE of the gallery Roehrs & Boetsch a VR platform becomes accessible, which simulates a virtual gallery for virtual art. Thus, CUBE is primarily intended for digital and virtual artworks without physical representation, where a realization of the artwork in the physical world fails.


Einsatz von VR in Ausstellungen

»Mona Lisa: Beyond the Glass«
– Louvre


»Mona Lisa: Beyond the Glass« is a VR experience presented by the Louvre Museum to mark the 500th anniversary of Leonardo Da Vinci’s death. This experience brings to life the latest scientific research on Da Vinci’s artistic innovation and his painting techniques and processes through a visualization in VR.

»Modigliani VR«
  – Tate Modern


In the »Modigliani VR« experience, the Ochre studio at the Tate Modern shows Modigliani’s last Parisian studio as a reconstruction. This is the place where Modigliani lived and worked during the last months of his life from 1919 to 1920. In this virtual studio of the artist more than 60 historical objects, works of art and materials are shown.

»Virtual Time Travel«
– National Museum Of Finland


This experience is based on R. W. Ekman’s painting »The Opening of the Diet 1863 by Alexander II«. Visitors* can enter this painting and experience a view of the Finnish Parliament, the legislative body. They have the opportunity to talk to the Emperor and other characters or visit the Hall of Mirrors in the Imperial Palace.

Author: digital.DTHG Team