Workflow 2  – Mozilla Hubs “Bauprobe for everyone”

Viewing and discussing designs with up to 30 people via different devices

Software: Mozilla Hubs
Grade of Immersion: middle for 2D-Access in Browser,
high for 3D-Access via VR-Goggles
Hardware: Smartphone, Tablet, Notebook, PC, VR-Headset (Multi-Device)
Costs: 0 € Software, Hardware from 500 €

This scenario uses the free Internet platform Mozilla Hubs with the associated editor Spoke. Here, meetings in the virtual room can be held simultaneously with several participants via different end devices. This scenario does not allow live editing of the virtual 3D model during the meeting, but is convincing as an entry-level scenario due to its easy accessibility for up to 30 people.

Technical requirements

  • Computer with current browser (Chrome or Firefox if possible)
  • for 2D access: device with current browser
    (notebook, tablet, smartphone)
  • for 3D access (Wired VR headset or standalone VR headset)


  • Hardware: either already available, from 400 to 1500  
  • Software: 0 €
  • Running costs: none, no subscription model


  • free of charge
  • Multi-User
  • Multi-Device, even without VR glasses
  • Mozilla Hubs room is in use 365/24/7 and walkable
  • can be copied or duplicated as often as desired
  • suitable for interdisciplinary creative teams with little previous experience and different end devices (VR glasses not necessary, but possible)


  • No tools for editing the 3D data or live editing
    of the rooms 
  • no automatic meeting protocol
    (no digital transcripts)
  • no great visual quality (which is not absolutely necessary for a Virtual Bauprobe)