Quickly recommended: XR magazines, networks, podcasts

What are the latest technological developments? How do we tell “augmented” stories? What are the ethical rules in the virtual world? A number of online magazines and platforms provide insight into technological developments and content discourses, and also keep professionals up to date.

Magazines, texts and Podcasts on the topic of XR

Mixed.de: https://mixed.de
The German-language magazine with news and features on VR, AR, AI and smart technologies.

VR Geschichten: https://vrgeschichten.de
Articles about VR storytelling and experience reports on virtual staging and narrative VR experiences, by Pola Weiß.

Road to VR: https://www.roadtovr.com/
English-language online magazine and news portal on VR hardware, games – with backstage insights into the design of VR experiences.

Voices of VR Podcast: http://voicesofvr.com
English-language podcast with hundreds of interviews with VR makers. Topics include: Issues of ethics in virtual spaces, teaching in VR, digital storytelling, and immersive theater productions.

A first entry – XR content providers

Arte TV: https://www.arte.tv/sites/webproductions/de/category/arvr
Original digital creations and innovative formats to watch, play and try. Most of the content is available as 360-degree videos and can also be viewed without VR glasses.

VR.ZDF.de: https://vr.zdf.de/
ZDF productions in 360° – for viewing on simple Cardboard glasses or high-end VR systems.

VEER: https://veer.tv
VR entertainment platform available through all major VR headsets, the Internet and phones. VeeR acquires, produces and distributes immersive stories and simple interactive experiences.

Museum of Other Realities: https://www.museumor.com
The first museum in VR to exhibit only virtual artwork. It also hosts virtual film festivals and conventions. There is a fee for access and VR goggles are required.

Netzworks and stakeholders:

XPRO Berlin: https://www.xproberlin.com/About/

XHUB Bavaria: https://xrhub-bavaria.de

Women in Immersive Technologies: https://www.wiiteurope.org

XR4All: http://xr4all.eu/about/

Digital Stage: https://digital-stage.org

European Theatre Convention: https://www.europeantheatre.eu

XR Academic Network Berlin Brandenburg: https://www.li.tu-berlin.de/fileadmin/a343115/uploads/XR_Academic_Network_-_Concept_Paper.pdf 

Platforms for cultural streaming (not VR)

Berlin Alive: https://www.berlinalive.de
Digital stage for art and culture. Livestreams for a solidary lifestream.

SPECTYOU: https://www.spectyou.com/de/
Theater videos on demand & livestreams as pay-per-view with a fair participation system for artists & theaters.

Nachtkritik.plus: https://nachtkritik.plus/
Coming soon: The Nachtkritik website will be expanded into a Digital Festival House: Livestreams, production recordings, festivals, formats at the interface with digital arts will be shown and discussed here.


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